Oh …. darn ……. you …………. win?


I could have clarified to her I was never trying to be his girlfriend, but I find it funnier to just let her walk away with what she thinks is the prize.



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  1. You know, not to sound conceited but I have this problem with Moms and Dads at Tyler’s school. The Dads always flirt with me and the Moms always act like it’s my fault that their husbands flirt with me. I am young looking and cute so I understand why they flirt with me but I don’t understand why the Moms treat me like I am doing something wrong. I never flirt with their husbands and yes, I am nice to them but I do not encourage them. It always blows my mind that woman so easily blame another woman for their insecurities. If my husband was flirting with another woman, I would let him know it wasn’t appropriate but I wouldn’t blame the woman. Unless of course she was doing something (other than being cute and nice) and it was a mutual thing. But I would still be more likely to take my husband to task for it because he is in a relationship with me and his actions matter to me and hers do not. Wow! Where’d that come from? Hahaha! I guess I know how you feel in some way.

    • I KNOW, right?

      Plenty of people disagree with me on this, but I don’t think anyone outside of a relationship owes it any loyalty, or at least not more than the amount shown by those in it. Even if I was flirting with him, I don’t think I owe her any explanation. He’s the only one accountable to her.

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