Wherein I convert.


I am owning this picture

Last Friday night, Buckman and I, with his friend Elliot, went to Dor Hadash synagogue, to counter protest the protest of Westboro Baptist Church. 

with the crazyfolk

It was a very surreal experience.  A friend said he thought I was brave, but I actually think it was the WBC protesters who are brave.  According to their signs, they believe that “Rabbis Rape Kids,” and “You (meaning us) Will Eat Babies.”  And yet, THEY BROUGHT THEIR OWN CHILDREN. 

I think that’s brave.  I looked down at a beautiful little blond girl of about six, wearing a shirt that says, “God hates Fags” and holding a sign that reads, “Thank God for IEDs,” and said to her “Don’t worry sweetie.  I’m a vegetarian.”

The kind folks at Dor Hadash invited us to join them after the protest.  And lawdy, can they put out a good spread.  I began to seriously consider joining.

buckman and elliott at synagogue

The service was lovely, and afterwards, the Rabbi invited us back today for a get together.  She promised us homemade schnapps and a pinata, at which point my jaw just dropped.  It’s like they invented a religion just for me.


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  1. First let me just say I am proud of you for standing up to people (?) like this. Second, this is just one of 500 millions reasons why I love you. Third, people like this are what turns people like me off from religion. Fourth, that Rabbi sounds like someone who could make me interested. Fifth, you are so cute and you look so hot in that dress. I bet those people hate hot ladies in hot dresses too so you were protesting just by being yourself. Sixth, your sign is the best thing since anything. (You make all that hate seem so much easier for me to digest.)

  2. I attended a couple services at a synagogue in La Jolla. I loved it. I felt so welcomed and so accepted (they all knew I was a Christian). They were interested in me and had me get up in front of everyone and helped me read something in Hebrew. I loved it!

  3. Regarding WBC, my reaction has always been and will likely always be, “Uh… what?” Good for you going out and counterwhatevering. I’m a bit shy about using the word “protest” because I’ve seen performance art that makes more sense than what they do. But, for whatever reason you were out there, good for you. Someone mentioned it elsewhere, and it’s the point on which I agree the most strongly, that the WBC folks need to see that people are willing to tell them they don’t agree. Averting your eyes and walking the other way only encourages them. The opposition doesn’t need to be loud(er) or more forceful, it just has to be present. You don’t even have to change any of their minds; all you have to do is make even one of them question what they are doing, and you can count it as a victory.

    Good for you, kiddo. Well done, and keep it up. If the stars someday align and we’re both counterwhatevering against hateful people of whatever stripe in the same place at the same time, I promise to come stand next to you, occasionally pausing to give you hugs. I’ll be the one with the huge, strident, politically-motivating sign saying, “FREE KITTENS.”

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