Who’s familiar with Westboro Baptist Church?


According to their (hilarious) picket schedule, they are coming to San Diego for four days of protesting.

Protesting amoung other things, all things Jewish (allowing non-virgin women to live), a handful of high schools (letting the gays have their gay), Protestant and Catholic churches (allowing women to talk), and La Costa Spa (???).

So the question is, is counter-protesting them a pointless waste of time, or good clean fun in the form of feeling vastly mentally superior?

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  1. you never want to get in a debate with an idiot…it always factors down to the lowest denominator…in this case Stupid.

    counterprotesting stupid is just…well…stupid

  2. Maybe you could film some interviews and post them. That would be entertaining for all. I am sure the post that you would write about the experience would be worth it for me that you went, even if you don’t film.

  3. I lived six years in Lawrence, KS (a fantastic place, by the way) and became used to the Fred Phelps protesters. At first they sorta amused me (protesting a Bare Naked Ladies concert because they were Canadian, and Canada had just passed some sort of civil union legislation), then they repulsed me (bringing young children to carry pictures of stick figure sodomy with the “God hats fags” slogans), and then it just began to depress me (protesting Man of La Mancha ’cause, I guess, it was musical theater so there must be someone gay involved?). While the counter protests were never a very big deal (because the protesters were at everything– who is going to go counter protest Man of La Mancha?) they never looked like they were having fun and they made the crowd bigger– giving everyone more exposure. It may be completely naive of me, but I sorta felt that the more the protestors were ignored, the less desire they would have to come back, but if they stirred up lots of counter-protests (and thus publicity and noteriety) they would feel that they were being successful and further spread their campaign of hate.

  4. Yes, yes, yes. You aren’t going to change their minds, obviously, but it’s important to show them that not everyone agrees with them and there are people willing to stand up to their ridiculousness. I have several friends in SD who are going to those protests and if I still lived there I would on the front row. When no one shows up, they think they are winning.

  5. Non-Virgin Jews are the best kind I think. Until I just read your comment, I wasn’t even aware that was a category for people.

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