I’ve been all about the pictures lately.


But tonight I took a walk and it was so lovely and I have no pictures to show for it.  It was warm and dusky and the airplanes were taking off and doing their usual cresent moon trail around the city (and around the cresent moon) and a lot of Bachman Turner Overdrive came up on my iPhone’s shuffle and I remembered halfway there that I was walking around with a pony face on my face and when my favorite cashier at the italian market admired my grocery bag I was so glad I’d also brought the extra one I never use and as I walked down my old street nobody but the people who know me knew what to make of the girl with half a pony on half her face and everything smelled like basil or maybe it was just my bag and then a manhole cover blew lukewarm air up under my hair and when does that ever happen in this city anyway so I am forced to assume that maybe even Satan can be charmed sometimes, and I just wanted to write the words I hope all my pictures have been conveying lately.

I am so grateful for this little life.


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