Bug and I were discussing this.


You know what I think is total bull?  When a guy says, “I always tell my girlfriends how I prefer women without makeup.”

If you actually preferred women without makeup, you would date women who don’t wear it, and would never have to have that conversation.

I get that it’s a nice thing to say, but let’s get real.  Everyone wants to date somebody who takes a little time here and there to gussy up.


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  1. Yeah. It’s more like, “hey now that you’re MINE and I know how pretty you can look WITH makeup on do you think you could NOT wear any so no other guys ever look at you again?”

  2. I think there is plenty of legitimacy to the idea that many men like a woman who will leave the house without make-up (and there are plenty of women who won’t)– that doesn’t mean they don’t want to see her gussied up for a date. Then there are plenty of clueless men who have no idea that the make-up-less women they prefer to tackily made-up ones ARE in fact, wearing make-up. For these men, saying they prefer women without make-up is really saying that they don’t like vampire or clown looks, not that they don’t like make-up.

  3. Hm. I find this interesting, considering that I generally don’t wear make up. I do choose to dress well though, so maybe that’s my version of gussying up, cause he always notices when I look nice.

    But the idea of make-up is to enhance what is already there anyway, so I think it’s almost hypocritical to say you hate all make-up.

    Also? I’m eating a cookie right now.

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