Doctor’s orders


Dr. K – *setting aside his notes* “Do you need an appointment card?”

Valancy Jane – “Nah, I’m entering it on my phone.”

Dr. K – “I see you don’t have a cover on your iphone.”

Valancy Jane – “Oh, I’m reckless that way.”

Dr. K – “You should get a cover for it.  I just had to replace mine.  I dropped it, only once, and it never worked the same way again.”

Valancy Jane – “Ok, I’ll get a case.  Can I get a prescription for that?  Does my insurance cover it?”

Dr. K – *laughs*

Valancy Jane – “Considering the meltdown I’d have if I broke this phone, they really should.”

Dr. K – *reaching for his notes* “Oh?”

Valancy Jane – “KIDDING.  Sorry.”


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