I was explaining to Buckman what the people in Marin are like. “They’ve all made huge amounts of money of course, in various corporate ways, but they really try to play it down. In fact, the easiest way to make someone around here very, very happy is to guess that they’re a retired schoolteacher.”. Buckman looked like he didn’t quite follow.

Rose’s friend sweetly offered Buckman and I a ride later that day, and as we hoped in, he gestured to his 7 year old and said, “My daughter and I were just discussing how many early hominoids we could name.”

He rattled off a few, including Lucy. To my credit I did manage Peking Man and Java Man before making the excuse that we needed to stop at the store.

“What do we need in here?” Buckman asked as we got inside.

“An advanced college degree, I think.”


“Or at least some chewy foods to stall answering….”


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