Some benefits I should be denied.


Nurse – “Thank you for calling the nurse line.  Can we help you find a doctor today?”

Valancy Jane – “Yes, thank you.”

Nurse – “Would you prefer a male or female doctor?”

Valancy Jane – “Seems like everyone wants a female doctor these days, and they’re booked up.  I want a doctor I can see fairly quickly, so I’ll say a male doctor.”

Nurse – “Language preference?”

Valancy Jane – “Italian?”

Nurse – “Ok ….. any other preferences?”

Valancy Jane – “Yes, I’d like a young doctor, someone recently out of medical school, up on all the latest advancements.”

Nurse – “Ok …. any other preferences?”

Valancy Jane – “Yes, I’d like a doctor who’s available nights and weekends, you know, after work, so if I could get a doctor who’s not married, that would prolly be best.”

Nurse – ” …………….. Ok ………..”

Valancy Jane – “And as a single woman, someone out there on the dating scene, I feel I’d get better care from a doctor who is also attractive and popular, he’d understand my potential medical issues better.”

Nurse – ” ………. Uh……….”

Valancy Jane – “And I’ll need a doctor who gives out his personal cell number.  You know, in case of emgerencies.  And one who likes wine, I’m tired of being told to drink less.”

Nurse – ” ……….. Ma’am?”

Valancy Jane – *sigh*  “Fine.  I’ll stay with my current doctor.”


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  1. Hey, you got naughty touched by a hot guy, don’t question it too hard. I was once put in handcuffs by a seriously hot cop.

    Would it be weird if I looked him up on Facebook now?

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