When I look at pictures ….


…. I often get the feeling my life is an ad campaign for something, I just haven’t figured out what I’m selling yet.

hi we came with your new picture frame

Sometimes I think it’s headbands, or sex.  Sometimes I think it’s love, or vegetarianism, or vanity, or bravery, or bohemianism.  Sometimes I think it’s a new religion and sometimes I think it’s things my grandmother taught me.

Today I find myself wanting a pulpit and a new fall line and a cooking show and an empire.  Because even if I’m wrong about everything, it’s such a happy kind of wrong, and it seems so many do so much worse.


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  1. Ha! You are an ad for happiness. I know this because today I am sad that Ted Kennedy died (I know you’ll understand) and my first thought was to come to your blog to cheer myself up. It has worked, so yes, happiness.

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