The Sweet Holy Mother of all Care Packages


Most people would be of the opinion that I have quite enough of both toys and snacks, but there is a minority that is NOT of this opinion, and this website has allowed me to make contact with this very generous minority.

For example, there is Willow.  Sweet lovely Willow.  Willow just sent one of the kindest, and most densely packed care packages I’ve ever recieved.  Lemme put it this way.  She is in the same class of care package makers as our darling Collywobbles.

Or lemme put it this way, with pictures.

Mau, my head of security, takes his job very seriously, and inspected the packing list for me.

mau inspects holy mother care package

Once he was satisfied, he and Dulce opened it for me.  (Because I am sick and weak.   Which make the timing of the care package all the better.)

mau and dulce open holy mother care package

You can’t see in this picture, but when it opened, doves flew out, and say a charming version of  “Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic.”

holy mother care package in box

Here you can see everything she managed to get in there.  If you’re having trouble identifying anything, they are tagged in my flickr photo.  The most important things to know are that a.) that is MOSS in those baggies, not The Pot, (Trust me I lit up and lost my eyebrows!) and b.) those pill bottles are her charming way of prescribing googly eyes and those “growing” sponge  animals.

holy mother care package with punch ball

The large yellow thing is the sun, for scale.  Ok, kidding, it’s a yellow punch balloon that I inflated for terrifying the cats.  See?

mau and dulce with punch balloon

Mau is particularly suspicious, and that means this is the gift that keeps on giving.

mau is suspicious of punch balloon


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