I always find myself strangely happy in San Francisco.


Maybe it’s the sparkly sidewalks.  Maybe it’s the cool breezes.  There’s a pretty good chance it’s the people.

Bug and Buckman and I will be road-tripping up in a few weeks, for nine whole lovely unhurried days.

I will be celebrating Rose’s birthday with her, at a lodge on top of Mt. Tam, under the full moon.  I’ll be celebrating the engagement of Zia and Lele at a shower thrown by their families.  (Remind me to tell you the story of Lele’s proposal, as related to me by Zia.  It will include the words “shaman” and “Mexico City.”)  And in between these two events, I’ll be prowling the city with my camera, and maybe prowling on Rose’s roof again with Little Nick.

Beaches and ferries and bookshops, oh my!


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  1. My BFF called me yesterday and when I answered she immediately said, “I wanna be in San Francisco right NOW.”
    It’s quite the place.

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