Valancy Jane: I’m contemplating nachos.

‘Rezzie: Mmmm I had nachos last week. It made me think of you.
It’s a little… strange… the number of things that remind me of you.
Let’s list some!

Valancy Jane: I think of you every time I pick my shoes for the day.

‘Rezzie: Glitter

Valancy Jane: I think of you every time I put my hair up, for some reason.

‘Rezzie: Any sort of soup, for some reason
I think of you when I put large flowers in my hair.
Or small ones, at that.

Valancy Jane: Any time I eat grapes. Can’t really explain that one either.

‘Rezzie: Huh.
Anytime I read Anne of Green Gables.
That one’s no big leap, considering your favourite book.
Mixed cds remind me of you and of Jonny.

Valancy Jane: I think of you whenever I think of crocheted scarves.

‘Rezzie: Hee!
I think of you a lot. I’m glad you seem to think of me at least as much. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Valancy Jane: Whenever I get a letter in the mail I wasn’t expecting, I always wonder in that first instant if it’s from you.

‘Rezzie: ME TOO!
Or, the mafia.

Valancy Jane: It could happen.

‘Rezzie: Very true. I don’t know why, but I always have had this tiny small hope that I’ll get misdirected mail from someone in the mafia.

Valancy Jane: I’m certain you will.
But it’ll be something good, like money.
Not like, a finger.

‘Rezzie: That’s a lovely thing to say.


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