Assorted thoughts


I need window boxes.  Anybody know where I can pick up some decent ones?  Or wanna help me build them?  I’m thinking basil and peppers.  Is eggplant or squash too ambitious? Some tomatoes and chives and I’ll be virtually self sufficient, after the zombie holocaust.

I’ve recently discovered that eggplant sandwiches are wonderful and moist.  I just fry up the eggplant in some olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and pesto, then put it in a sandwich with mozzarella.

august 18th

If you ever get a chance to be me for a little while, I suggest you pick lunchtime.

Or Monday nights, for the organ concerts at Balboa Park.

aurora hat wine

me and drew four

ms jay concert

organ pavilion tree

If I could bottle this gentle existence of mine, I’m pretty it would keep me in nacho money for a good long time, at least up until the zombie holocaust.


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  1. I am currently preparing for the Zombie Holocaust. Do you think I could trade an exciting rescue in exchange for donating the contents of your window boxes when the time is right? We need peppers to make proper nachos…

  2. You should get a bread maker for your sandwiches! I got mine for $8 at the Goodwill. It’s super easy to make your own bread and there is nothing better than that warm sweet smell of dough rising. Eggplant on fresh homemade bread? Divine.

  3. Froggacuda, I’m glad you understand the necessity of peppers on nachos. Dammit, now I want nachos. Again.

    Valeri, I’m totally thinking about it. I got a great bread recipe for the oven from my friend Lola, I think I’m going to try it out this weekend.

    Collywobbles, then come visit!

  4. I am now going to have to make that sandwich. It looks divine! And this last Sunday, while working in the food booth for Woofstock (Animal fundraiser) and serving the most popular food there, nachos, my mind was constantly on you.

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