Care with me.


The models for the upcoming Cycle 13* of America’s Next Top  Model have been announced.

(*Since this is the short girl round, I prefer to refer to it as Cycle 12.9)

Based solely on the pictures released, here are my faves.

Courtney –

Sundai –

Laura –

I of course reserve the right to amend these choices, pending any bitchtastic behavior.

Who do you like?


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  1. You ever think about going on there? Because I’m looking at these pictures and not one of them—not a single one—has a flower in their hair.

  2. You’re sweet, darling.
    I’m taking the compliment and don’t worry, I’m in no doubt of my adorableness. But I’m also a mere 5’3, 28 years old, and size wise, I’m in the grey area between regular and plus sized models.
    This contest is not my stardom venue.

  3. Now that would be a contest: come up with a stardom venue for VJ. First of all, you would love the idea of a contest to come up with a contest idea.

    Second, it’d be a strange contest.

    How about: number of conversations per week that involve flowers, teletubbies, and things you’re not allowed to do with play-doh? Or, Project MySpace, to find the perfect MySpace person. Or Twitter, or however many other social media things you update every day.

    Or how about, “Hank’s favorite blogger.” That’d be a contest you’d win. Easily.

  4. Sundai had me until the pants. But the name makes me wanna reconsider. I mean who doesn’t like a Sundai(y)? right? ice cream, chocolate syrup. Whipped cream….

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