“Where are the bears?”


zoo with Buckman 054

zoo with Buckman 068

Buckman – “If you can’t find the bears, then you better be grateful you live in the modern age, in a big city.”

Valancy Jane – *laughs*  “Yeah, if you can’t spot a two ton bear in the exhibit, then you wouldn’t stand much chance in the wild.”

Buckman – “You’d be what I think would politely be refered to as an ‘evolutionary weak link’.”

Valancy Jane – “But who am I to talk?  I’d see one, and go charging towards it, arms outstretched, yelling ‘FUZZY!!  I WUVS YOU!!'”

zoo with Buckman 061


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  1. You absolutely would, too. Absolutely would.

    This reminds me of the old poker rule: if you’re playing poker with a group of guys, and you don’t know who the sucker is…you’re the sucker.

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