Things to do at the Zoo


Lead fake tours.

"elephants can't jump, but given the right equipment are surprisingly nimble waterskiers!"

Feed the pige- er …….. peacocks.

I wish they'd let the flamingos roam too.

Get gear.

I didn't actually buy the hat

Get friendly (it’s ok, it’s not our first date).

Hand check!

Take pictures of each other.


It's very ...... McKey.

"Hurry, something is crawling on my leg and we're not as far from the reptile house as I'd like."

Take pictures of yourselves.


Take pictures of each other taking pictures of yourselves.


"I want the palm tree in the background"

Tell your friend how glad you are to have someone who understands this absurd, attention whoring behavior.

Love you.  Now get out of my light.


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  1. Is it me or does that first picture make you look a little 3-Dish? With the blurrier background and you sharp, it looks like you’re a little person sitting on my computer screen.

    Wait…are you?

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