Healthcare spending is defense spending.


“We maintain that if you support defense spending – and believe that one of the government’s only jobs should be to make sure that its citizens are safe and protected – then spending money to make sure that all Americans are covered is taking this belief to its logical conclusion.”  – Adam Carl.

I hear a lot of people say they’re not comfortable paying for someone else’s health care.  I say, I’m as comfortable paying for their share of defense spending (which is what every taxpayer is doing right now) as I am ….. you know what, no.  I’m MORE comfortable paying for their health care.

Really, we’re already paying for the LACK of universal health care.  We pay every time a mentally ill person is displaced from an overcrowded mental hospital and ends up homeless on our streets, wrecking the havoc of their disease.  We pay every time an un-imunized person spreads a communicable disease, every time someone dies senselessly from a something we have the technology to prevent.  These are more likely to touch me than a car bomb, if you look at the numbers.  I’m comfortable paying to protect myself from these things.

You aren’t actually required to be a bleeding heart to see that our individual health is largely impacted by our collective health.  But I know we’re capable of more patriotism, more compassion than that.

Anthropologically speaking, what defined the evolution between ape and man was the day we began caring for our sick and injured, even when it slowed us down.  The essence of what makes us human is our defiance  against “survival of the fittest” and our arrogance to demand, to the best of our ability, survival of us all.

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  1. Coming from someone who sends their beeb to elementary school, a virtual petri dish of germs and disease, I am GLAD to help out other mamas and other kids from dealing with the inevitable snot and grime a little easier. Wish my community was too.

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