Unit conversion


I got upsold on toilet paper because the store was out of my favorite (recycled!) brand in the four pack, and the jumbo pack was on sale for virtually the same price.

Halfway home it occurred to me, where in my 350 square foot (or as I like to think of it, eight thousandths of an acre) apartment am I going to put this?    See, my apartment is small.  And because I’ve recently acquired a sixty gallon fishtank (in a pinch, a 120 day water supply!) and a 6+ft Belgium gay man (one thousandth of a mile of NO-do-not-buy-that-jacket), there are no more cupboards or corners left.

So to justify itself, every roll has to do double duty as something else.


From top left we have the jumbo pack, a coin bank, foot rest, fly swatter, vase, a place to dry paint brushes, a duster, guest seating, door stop and an iphone holder.

Any other suggestions?


4 responses »

  1. Oh. My. G-d.

    You constantly think of new ways to crack me up, don’t you? Do you consider it a job, or a calling?

    Whatever, you do it really well.

  2. CAT TOY.
    Unroll one of those bad boys just a little and let them go nuts.
    I suppose that’d be only one use though, as it wouldn’t make for quality butt-paper post-kitteh.

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