I’m sure it seemed very suspicious.  On Monday, Jesse was talking about how we should take a trip to Mexico and when I reminded him that I don’t have my passport, he ground his teeth a little and commented that he didn’t know what he wanted to buy me more, a passport and Sentry Pass, or a new iPhone.

Later that night my phone disappeared.  I SWEAR I was not trying to get a new phone.  (But I did briefly consider telling him I’d lost it in Mexico.)

I couldn’t very well go out and replace my little cheapo phone without consulting him.  He’d yell at me.  And he did what I suspected he might.

He bought me an iPhone.  In case you’re counting, that’s the second one he bought me.  And in case you’re really counting, you know that I will now have to live to be 96 years old before I can reasonably expect another birthday present from him.


CameraBag App, I think I love you.


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  1. Who is this Jesse person, and how do I make him my friend?

    By the way, I was worried about you getting eaten by giant calamari. I saw an article about that, about how giant squid are invading the waters off San Diego, and I thought: if Veaj is going to buy the farm, that’s how she’d go.

    And I got worried.

    No scuba for you, okay? The world is just a whole lot more entertaining with you in it.

  2. Jesse is my brother and to make you your friend you have to ….. well ……… be nice? Oh and talk techy to him. He likes that. Or surf. He likes surfing.

    So really he’s in more danger from the squid than me.
    Hmmmm. No I’M worried.

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