60 Gallons of Awesome.


tank 003

I’m getting fish lessons.

I’ve had fish before obviously, lots actually.  But I wanted to really learn what I was doing, not use it-lived/it-died trial and error to find out what is and isn’t working or compatible.  I wanted to learn about live plants and water testing and stuff like that.  I want my fish to die only of old age, not my incompetence.

So I’m getting lessons from Fish Tank Guy.  He knows EVERYthing about fish.  He denies that, but he’s just being modest.  Fish Tank Guy has the patience of a saint.  He’s helped me set up the tank/snazzy new nightlight you see above, in my apartment. So far I’ve learned about sand, filters, heaters, rockss, live plants and light.

Next up, actual fish. OoooooOooOooooo.


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  1. Oooh I bought fish today! Except they’re living in the ponds in the garden, not quite as impressive as that tank though. Ethel, Eggletina, Whitney, Ginger and Yellowhead make an excellent addition to the family. (and yes I had named them all within 30 seconds of buying them… it’s only natural)

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