I told him the Internet would have to give him a blog name.


Lucas – “Maybe I caught it from you.”

Valancy Jane – “I haven’t been sick in ages.”

Lucas – “I haven’t been sick in forever too!  Maybe we both had pieces of germs and they joined forces and mutated into a supergerm.”

Valancy Jane – “I can’t decide if that’s gross or kinda romantic.”

Lucas – “LOL  Good that was the effect I was going for.”

Valancy Jane – “Our affair will go down in medical history.  Awwww.”

Lucas – “So much more than that.  We might cause the destruction of the human race and we’ll have to rebuild.  Then we can write a book about how we’re the first humans Valancy and whatever my online poll comes up with.”

Valancy Jane – “Let’s just go with Lucas.  I can just picture trying to explain what an online poll is, as we sit around the campfire with our tribe of inbred grandchildren.”


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