Eight years, slightly fewer lives.

Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned his real age ....

Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned his real age ....

You see the size of his head here?  At eight weeks, it was already almost this big.  His rest of his body was also the size of his head here.  He looked like a cartoon of a kitten.

A coworker’s cat had had kittens and she begged me to stop by and take a look, not mentioning that she’d already given away all but one.  She still had the tiniest and the oneriest.  I agreed to come by and when I did, she looked delighted.  “OH!  We’ll pull him out from behind the couch.  He doesn’t really like us.”

Awesome, I thought to myself, preparing excuses to get out of there.  He sounds greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.  But the darndest thing happened when my coworker’s son finally fished him out.  I ignored the blood oozing from scratches on the kid’s arms, I just saw those two huge green eyes, and long white whiskers that erupted out his little tuxedo markings.  I reached out with both hands and just said “Yes.”

And that forceful, formal, fuzzy punk has been looking after me ever since.


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  1. Is it weird that this made me teary-eyed? I can feel how much you love that little fuzzball so much through this post. And our adoption stories are a bit similar because my Maisey Girl was also a cat that noone else seemed to want and from the moment I saw her I also said Yes.

    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Fluffypants! And a huge hug to the great Mama he has too!

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