“I love bread and olive oil,” Aurora said.


“I wanna take it out behind a middle school and get it pregnant!”

Next week I’m going to attempt Lola’s infamous bread recipe, and so this week while simmering some black beans, I tried my hand at flavored olive oils to accompany them.


The one on the left is lemon, persimmon and dill.  The one on the right is jalapeno, cilantro and hellfire damnation.  I’m pretty sure it will cause chemical burns.  I’m pretty sure if I stuck a wick in it instead of a nozzle, it would be a weapon.

I’m really excited to try them.

Next project, flavored vinegar.  Flavor suggestions for a red wine vinegar?


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  1. My favorite vinegars to make, not counting Auroraface are oregano, garlic and chili; opal basil (because it makes white vinegar a gorgeous purple); dill, and chive flower (well chive, with chive flowers added after it has steeped and been strained). I’ve only made them in white vinegar (partially because I like infusing color as well as flavor) but most should be compatible with red wine. My mother has made a mean raspberry red wine vinegar.

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