MiniSkirt Mondays, and tap dancing.


*Drea and VJ march into M.H.i.M.’s office*

My Homie in Marketing – “Yes?”

Valancy Jane – “Hawaiian Shirt Fridays are a sexist event.  Girls don’t own hawaiian shirts.”

Drea – “They aren’t flattering.  They do nothing for the boobs.”

Valancy Jane – “We want the score evened with MiniSkirt Mondays.”

My Homie in Marketing – “Ok, email that to the employee events committee.”

Valancy Jane – “Ok.  I’ll also mention my talent show idea.”

My Homie in Marketing – *eyes lighting up*  “Talent show….”

Valancy Jane – “I’m sure it would be just two hours of you and me trading off acts … ”

My Homie in Marketing – “That would be ok with me.”

Valancy Jane – “Me too.”


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  1. It’s Hawaiian shirt day at my office. I’m the only one who observes it, but that’s enough.

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often Hawaiian shirt day as well.

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