It’s the eye of the tiger …


stealing kids is so not cool.

Valancy Jane

Am I going to be sitting watching TV and see you on COPS????? LOL

Valancy Jane
I can only dream of that kind of media exposure.

crazy lady with coaster sticking out of cleavage has been seen stealing kids in this neighborhood. I could just see the headlines now.

Valancy Jane
No, no. Not “kids,” plural. “Kid,” singular.
Kids are hard work. One is plenty.
Especially since I’m new at this.

where is the challenge in just one??
go big or go home.

Valancy Jane
I suppose you’re right.
Thanks for the pep talk, coach.


Valancy Jane
I’m going to go out now and be the best little abductor I can be.


4 responses »

  1. stealing kid > having kid. because you can kidnap them when they are over the age of, say, two.

    it’s like adopting a puppy vs. adopting a 1-yr-old dog. babies are trouble, and a LOT of work. so, good move with the stealing. also, the one you picked is adorable, and seems to be about the right age…

  2. See I’m just singing to the tune of “It’s the eye of the tiger it’s the thrill of the fight rising up to the challenge of our rivaaaals!”

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