Shiny things


keychain 003

Bethany had suggested that perhaps in the possible event of losing my housekeys it would be best if they weren’t attached to the keychain given to me by the property management, with my address printed on it.

So I’d been shopping around for a new keychain, and I’m oddly fussy about stuff like that.

Then I found this perfect little number at a booth at a farmers market, just as it was closing, and then rememebered I had only my debit card and about $0.12 cash on me.

Thank goodness she took stamps instead.  I would have flashed my boobs for it, but I hate to be overcharged.


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  1. I went to the pet store and got a pet tag, on which I printed my name and phone number. I attached these to my keys, because then if I lose them, someone can call me to tell me where they are.

  2. That is pretty!! Don’t you love the trade system? And if she wanted to see your boobs, she would have had to throw in an headband or something.

  3. The turtle I had my keys hanging from recently fell off with no hope of reattachment. I’ve been searching w/out luck for something to replace him.


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