Making a budget.


Valancy Jane – “Three hundred sounds about right.  I can’t misbehave on three hundred.”

Jesse – “I BEG TO DIFFER.”

Valancy Jane – “No, come to think of it you’re right.”

Jesse – “You could misbehave on thirteen fifty.  And you no doubt HAVE.”


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  1. Brothers are great for pointing out the obvious. Standing on things, letting creatures and machinary “follow you home”, freaking out your neighbors, claiming men who aren’t your cousin are, the zoo . . . , making threatening letters from cut out marketing materials and glitter, wigs and cleavage and threatening to pay at a bar, condoms, lack of condoms, cheap wine, setting of fire alarms, misdirected calls, inappropriate comments at art openings and museums . . . and you need to be reminded that you don’t need $300 to misbehave?

  2. I don’t think it’s really misbehaving if you are figuring out the consequences before you do it, but point taken.

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