Things My Cats Feel the Need to Protect Me From.


The bedspread.  Whenever it gets uppity, Mau is all over that.

Outside birds.  They have never batted an eye at any of the pet birds I’ve owned over the years, but Dulce chirps at strange birds.  STRANGER DANGER!

The laundry.  I am not allowed to be alone with laundry.

Boxes must be inspected with the vigilence of airpot security.  I’m pretty sure Mau would stick a finger up their bums, if boxes had bums and Mau had thumbs.

String.  Goodness what I would do with that string if one of the cats wasn’t dangling off the other end of it AT ALL TIMES.

Skin cancer.  They’ll never give up the sunny spot.


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  1. You have the best cats in the world. My cat doesn’t protect me from anything because she is too busy hiding from anything to protect me.

    I forgive her though, because when I walk in the room, she flips over and streches out her paws towards me like she wants a hug. She’s an adorable little spaz.

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