Things I did last night.


Walked to the local Catholic church only to find it closed.

Bemoaned the fact that the Catholic churches seem to have a monoply on holy water.

Taped a mirror face side down to the inside of my front door.

Rang a bell in every corner of my house.

Put a line of salt in front of my door.

Wondered if my neighbors will ever have a conversation with me again.

Drew a cross in cinnamon and spit on the inside and outside of my front door.

Made a mental note to buy some cookie sheets.

Crossed myself in each doorway and window.

Clapped my hands every corner of my house.

Ignored Dulce’s strange looks.

Put garlic in each window and in front of the door.

Lit inscene and waved the smoke into every corner of the house.

Placed shoes out with the toes pointing in opposite directions.

Giggled at the idea of an invisible ballerina in each room.

Taped pictures of the Bennington, before and after the explosion, and the memorial service at the monument, face down to my front door.

Wondered if beer could be considered holy water, and if drinking beer from your uncle’s brewery would be considered praying to your ancestors for help.

Watched Mau flip out again and start pacing up and down by the door.

Addressed thin air.

Felt really foolish.

But!  You know what else I did last night?  SLEEP.


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  1. Not exactly relevant to Eddy– but I wanted to let you know that you’ve been disturbing my sleep recently (likely at the same time that Eddy was in your apartment?). Two nights in a row, while I was in Italy, I dreamed about you. One night I took care of your apartment and used up all of your eggs making bad brownies– which really pissed you off because dream-you is a vegan (even in my dream I was wondering why you had the eggs in your house as a vegan) and awoke really stressed that I needed to bake you a better welcome home gift than a tray of bad brownies.
    Very odd.
    I don’t think I was your visitor (my body was very definitely asleep in Italy) but dream-me was looking around your cool apartment and opening cabinets looking for brownie supplies and playing with your pets (there were several bonus puppies around). In any case, all intentions were for a happy welcome home treat.

  2. YAY!!! I am so excited and happy for you and the kitties! If I ever have a ghost I want to get rid of, I know who to call! It’s nice to have resources!

  3. Someday you’ll come home to me and good brownies, darling. In the meantime, I’m glad you rid yourself of your ghost.

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