The walls in my apartment are pretty thin.  For awhile I didn’t realize how thin because I’m at in a corner and the unit next to me was vacant.  But E moved in last week.  I found him rounding the corner to the roof stairs, in his dazed moving condition he was trying to go one flight too far, in the same manner as I went one floor not enough when I moved in.

I don’t mind the thin walls, personally.  I’m nosy.  So last night when I was in my kitchen and I heard someone knock on my neighbor’s door, my ears perked up.  E answered the door and very politely apologized to the downstairs neighbor about the music he’d been playing.  He’d set up the speaker wrong, and he would find something to pad it from underneath with.  I could hear not just the words but the underlaying tone.  She was unimpressed and cranky, he was clearly sorry to be That Guy.

So when I heard her leave, I padded over myself.  I knocked and he called out wearily, “yes?”

I said, “it’s VJ from next door.”  He opened the door, clearly bracing for another lecture.

“I’m half deaf, a sound sleeper, my speakers aren’t working, and I like that song.  Just aim your speaker my way.”

He grinned really wide.  I think I made a buddy.

After a brief chat this morning with Potato Chip Guy, I added him on Facebook, then had a good laugh at myself for attempting to get to know someone online who lives mere feet away from my front door.  Someone total up my nerd score and let me know.

And while we’re talking about neighbors, remind me to tell you all about my ghost.


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