Valancy Jane says:
And then I was adding the exercise I was planning on, and it offers the option of putting in sex as an activity and it asks over how many minutes and how many MILES.

Twinnie says:
I KNOW it asks for the heart rate

Valancy Jane says:
“Sex, at a moderate rate, for one hour, over 16 miles.”
Maybe sex on a train is worth more!

Twinnie says:
that’s why everyone wants to be in the mile high club!

Valancy Jane says:
“Sex at a moderate rate for one hour, over THE ENTIRE STATE OF KANSAS, BITCHES.”


2 responses »

  1. Now, now…that gets into Einstein’s theory of relativity. You cannot be having sex any faster than the train. You would only have to calculate how long it took you to go through the entire state of Kansas. However, the adding bumps and balance issues on a train would bump the degree of exercise from moderate to difficult.

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