When you can’t use a phone.


I was getting out of the shower when I noticed it, a tiny drop of blood.  It was sliding down from my tattoo, the “freckle” on my chest.  Desperately I craned my neck, trying to figure out what was wrong, some explanation other than the one that leapt to mind.

I turned on all the lights and stood dripping in front of my mirror.  Flesh eating bacteria was a more welcome option than that this was how I was going to find out something terrible had happened.  I was certain this sort of thing WOULD happen, if something HAD happened to him.  It …… it couldn’t NOT.

I have never been so relieved to find an insect bite.


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  1. Wow! You scared me. Phew. It still could have been some sort of sign, though. Maybe this means that you were spared this time but…oy, maybe I have an overactive imagination. Based on this post you would be great at writing suspenseful fiction stories.

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