Dear Makers of the Organic Essentials Cotton Balls,


When I stood in the aisle, I was delighted to find an organic option, but also wondering what the difference would be between a regular and organic cotton ball.  Your bag said I would find them fresher and softer.

After buying them and taking them home, I can confirm this.  I just ate four and they are delicious! Yum!

Thank you!

-Valancy Jane

P.S.  Thank you for the recycleable bag.  I’m looking forward to running out, so I’ll have a place to keep my pet  bunny.


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  1. the thing about cotton, honey, is that it uses more pesticide to grow than any other crop!! some insane amount like 17 lbs for 1 cotton t-shirt!!! so you GO GIRL with the organic little cotton balls, i’m so proud!! xoxo

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