Clearly, someone has been robbed.


Of course, I was rooting for Allison.  Wobbly, owlish Allison.  The world was ready for her, Tyra.





We were not ready for another booooooooooring (sorry McKey) winner, and frankly after the whole cycle I still can’t remember for the life of me what Tey…. Teyona?  Teyona’s name is.  And of all her pictures, the ONLY one I appreciated was the first of the following.





And of course I was just missing Fo and Celia.



So yes, I’m sad.  Teyona is a SNOOZE.  BOOOOOOOOORING.  The clear winner didn’t win, and by “clear winner” I’m clearly refering to ….

miss jay

…. Miss Jay’s legs.

Incidently, throw Jay Manuel in there in place of Paulina and you have my ideal dinner party guest list.  Oh man.  Excuse me while I daydream and possibly touch myself inappropriately.


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  1. i’m so pissed about allison!!! still it’s bothering me. i haven’t been this bothered by a tv show in a while. if i had a modeling agency i’d hire her.

  2. I don’t watch the show- just your re-caps! Allison is unique. And Celia reminds me of Martha Plimpton. I like the unique/unusual look. You’re right, their choice was boring. Is Jay Manuel the hottie hispanic guy?

  3. as bizarre as she looked at the beginning of the season, I picked her to go deep.

    …and they dumped Paulina.

    there’s more than robbery going on at Top Model

  4. I wish they would do one season American Idol style where the audience gets to vote. I think it would blow their minds who people actually like.

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