More coverage for this absurd woman in an absurd job.


Carrie Prejean is no martyr for the cause of traditional marriage.  She sparked a firestorm among the media for sure, but Trump was very clear that the pageant organization had no problem with her answer.  She was not in trouble for that by any means.  The pageant has always been a very traditional thing in it’s own way, and if you’re familiar with the answers of most of the girls, the words “active in my church” are as common as “world peace.”  Are they sincere in that, who knows, but it’s very much a part of the pageant.  To speak the religious rhetoric is more likely to help than hinder you, if you consider the long list of winners who profess traditional Christian values.

What WAS she in trouble for?  Two things.

One, that she wasn’t doing her job well.  Specifically that she’d made speaking contracts without consulting the pageant officials.  Yes, that on the surface that sounds like they’re holding her on a pretty tight lease, but remember that this girl was hired to do a JOB, to represent her state and the pageant organization.  If I took a day off work without consulting my boss and tons of people saw me, I’d expect to hear about it when I returned.  “Miss California” is a job with a lot of appearances and a very tight schedule.   I’m sure it really didn’t help that her job is PR and the press she was generating seemed to be a monologue, not a dialogue, which is not a what a role model for free speech is.  I’m sure it REALLY didn’t help that she bad-mouthed her employer, saying that the pageant officials told her not to talk about her faith.  Frankly, I call bullshit on that.  See first paragraph.  To claim that doesn’t even remotely make sense, unless you’re looking to make controversy.   (Naturally the pageant officials have denied this as well.)

Two, that she’d posed topless (no citation, I’ll let you google that on your own) after specifically signing paperwork to enter the competition stating that she had not.  She lied on her job application.

That’s why there was a review.  She’s no martyr for free speech or traditional marriage.  She’s a bad employee who had to have a little sit-down with HR.  If she doesn’t like it, she’s certainly free to quit, and if she’s willing to live with the contract she made, she’s certainly free to do that as well.    (Looks like TyTy’s gonna need a new bitchy loudmouth, so she’s got options here, and that’s what America is all about.)

As always, I have attempted to verify all my sources and quotes.  If you find a inaccuracy please contact me.


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  1. My problem has never been with her answer (although I disagree in every possible way). My issue was that she lied and then tried to act like she shouldn’t be held accountable because she was (or claimed to be) 17 in those pictures (blame the photographer!) and then acted as though she were a martyr being offered up for her faith. If she is takes the job as spokesperson for that Christian right-wing crazy-pants “Save marriage from the homos!” organization and it’s been APPROVED by the Miss Universe Org, then I take issue with them as well now.

    One of my best friends was Miss San Diego (but through the Miss America Org, not the Miss Universe Org). They are dead serious about those contracts. If you make an appearance without their permission wearing your crown, clean and simple, you lose your crown. If they find out you lied about something, gone. They try to inclusive, not exclusive so, yes, of course they don’t want you to talk about religion or politics.

    People who think she didn’t win because of her opinion clearly don’t understand how these things work. She lost because she was completely inarticulate about her opinion and then immediately apologized for it. And, you’re right,s he had a little sit down with HR and they decided to let it slide. And honestly, I’m glad because now we don’t have to listen to her traipsing all over America talking about how she was fired because she loves the baby Jesus.

    I could write three more pages about this, but I suddenly became uncomfortable with how much of an opinion I have on it. I’m gonna go now….

  2. My problem with her is the fact that she almost lost her title because she was being a shitty employee (as you stated) and CRIED AND WHINED and won’t stop crying and whining to the press that the reason she almost lost it was because she was brave enough to speak her opinion and she is being “punished” for it. First off, not true. You weren’t even punished, you were repriminded, as you should have been, but not because of your ugly opinion but because of your performance. Second, if you want to play the Free Speech card (which she did in spades, “My Grandfather died for this country so that we could have free speech”) than you need to realize it works both ways and that the people who are criticizing your opinion have every right to do so and that doesn’t mean you are being discriminated against. Gay people and couples are discriminated against, you are just being criticized for having an opinion that most consider hateful and ignorant. I don’t think she should lose her crown for that but she should for lying on her job application. If people are rallying behind her getting fired, it’s because she should be and maybe if she had a less hateful viewpoint on life, people would understand and complain less about why she was allowed to keep her position. I just can’t take her whining to the media about how she has been discriminated against. I think I just repeated what you said above, only less eloquently. *Moseys along*

  3. OMG right on wifey! Totally agree that she’s being completely unprofessional. She’s got a job to do, and she decided to ditch it to speak at churches in opposition to same sex marriage. She’s not being discriminated against for her beliefs, she’s being whiny and unprofessional. I don’t understand why she got to keep her crown. I’m sure the runner up would be more than happy to stick to the Miss California appearance schedule. I think Trump just wanted to avoid any more drama with this situation or possible lawsuits.

    I’m also super proud of Shanna Moakler for resigning. I don’t know the details surrounding her resignation, but it seems like it’s because she doesn’t not want to stand by an organization who’s crowned winner is so anti-gay rights.

    I will say though that as for pageantry in and of itself, I don’t think it’s an absurd job to have at all. Pageant winners do a lot of philanthropic work both here in the USA and overseas, get involved in USO tours, etc. It’s probably more do-gooding than they would get to do at a regular job.

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