Keeping up with Potato Chip Guy.


froggacuda: I am still looking for the right cookies

Valancy Jane: I’m still trying to talk the folks at Wichita Eagle to giving me home delivery.
I pointed out that the NY Times is willing to do it.

froggacuda: laf, good game
even just the Fri-Sat-Sun weekender edition

Valancy Jane: No, I’m totally serious. I suggested they make a deal with the guy who delivers the NY Times.
No luck.

froggacuda: what is the compelling content?

Valancy Jane: *shrugs* I just like the idea of getting the news from a city I don’t live in.

froggacuda: that’s awesome

Valancy Jane: Broaden my horizons.

froggacuda: you’re my hero, Valancy Jane

Valancy Jane: Daw.

froggacuda: you know what is a great publication with a lot of world views? The Week.
It is as eclectic as you are

Valancy Jane: Mostly I’m just looking forward to the following exchange happening between me and any one of my neighbors.
“Oh, so you’re from Wichita?”
“Nope. Never been.”


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