That’s the name of my new apartment.   For no particular reason other than that it sounds like a wholesome southern home and yet like a scandal all at once, and Christina Applegate recently said that her house was the kindest thing she’d ever done for herself and that’s how I feel about this place.

(Sidenote, the kindest thing Christina Applegate ever did for ME was make the movie Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead which I own and keep in my house so you see it all comes full circle in a glorious swirl of love that will inevitably result in Christina and I getting married, but not living together.)


As you can see, Dulce approves of Applegate.  If she didn’t, she would still be under the duvet for another three days in protest.  Who says cats can’t communicate with humans?  I understand her perfectly.


What Dulce is NOT good at is assembling bookcases.  I had to call in the big guns for that, my sis-in-law Bethany.  I had more than one friend decline after they learned that the bookcase in question was the “relationship test bookcase.”


We did accomplish it, with minimal drinking/swearing.  The assembly process for this bookcase is like building a house of cards with another person, with each of you holding each card at the same time.  Bethany deserves a medal.

There was a slight change of plan in the furniture arrangement.  The bookcase is about two inches too long to fit in the nook, as I’d hoped, so I pulled it out and put it a bit to the side.  This creates a little space behind it.  It’s actually pretty nifty because now I can access the bookcase from both sides, and access the shelf on the wall behind it, AND, in case of World War III, I have a place to hide Jews.


If we swing around a bit you can see both my lovely windows.  I think they need window boxes with geraniums and basil.



Continuing onward, you can see my bathroom sized closet …


… and closet sized bathroom.


Then my sweet little kitchen with an oven that I suspect was designed by the same folks that brought us the Easy Bake Oven, and a narrow entry way that I suspect is a built in safety catch against getting fat.


There’s this feeling of familiarity here, as if perhaps I’ve lived here before in this apartment’s 100+ years of existence, and it’s just been quietly awaiting my return.

Honey, I ‘m home.



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  1. What a sweet, sweet home it is!

    Happy new house, Sweetness!

    May you have many many wonderous
    and incredible adventures there,
    as well as find joy, peace and comfort.

  2. I love the name Applegate! When you posted the pictures on Facebook under Applegate yesterday, I had no idea that was the name of the complex and I was thinking, sounds like a sweet girl got herself into a bit of trouble, which made me think of you and all the adventures you have and that’s what I thought it meant.

    I love your new home! It is so bright and lovely. I love the windows and how open it feels and the view!

    Congratulations (I almost wrote Congrats but then I didn’t want Aurora to hate me- hehehe!) To many fun and wonderful times there with amazing people!

  3. It’s not the name of the complex, it’s the name of my apartment specifically. I name every place I live. The peppermint hippo, the box, the moon palace, etc.

    Isn’t the light wonderful? The fact that it’s a corner unit really makes a difference.

  4. Plus I think I tempt stalking enough by posting views from my windows, without posting the name of my building.
    Although most of my floor seems to be men, and I have my vicious little guard cats.

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