The apartment across and to the right.


While hauling in the last load of boxes, I met the UPS man in my hallway.  He asked if I could take a package for my neighbor and I figured hey what’s one more box and nodded.

A few hours later a young man knocked and asked if I had his package and I handed it to him.  It did seem strangly light.  He shook it a little with a delighted look and said in a whisper, “It’s potato chips!”


“I’ll let you have some, someday!”

And with that he was gone.  Is it too soon to like him?

Side note, he has a door mat that says “woof” on it.  A few friends have suggested I get one that reads “meow,” to compliment his.  I think “quack” or “neigh” or “moooooooo” would be funnier.


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