Snog and Blog


We listed them as our “potentially scary to a partner” thing, me my blog, he his child.  Today he mentioned that despite my warnings about my blog challanging boundary issues, I had yet to mention him.

I explained that when you have a blog audience, you introduce someone to them as a friend, or as a boyfriend, and not at all until you know which.  You know, sort of like your child.

‘Cept I think I just broke my rule.  Hopefully y’all are old enough to understand.


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  1. I soooo want to be the one who came up with the phrase “snog and blog”.
    I’m glad there is snogging going on in your life and if you feel like blogging about it (or not) we understand.
    Smooch on!

  2. I love the line about your blog having boundary issues. That’s not what I would call it. I would call it captivating an audience.

  3. That is true, I do see his point. And would totally understand if you didn’t blog as openly about him as maybe others who were okay with it.

    You can tell the world about you and I the other night with the chocolate fondue and that twister game. *Wink* I won’t mind.

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