How to not date me.


Hi Jane,

(if indeed that is your name)

I really enjoy your profile. You seem positively ebullient, and I do not say that to all the girls.

To answer your question, I think wanting to be an actor is worse than wanting to be a writer. Actors tend to be narcissists; writers at least have something to say. But what’s really stunning is that you present as positive and social and well-adjusted, have a big smile in most of your pictures, and yet want to be a writer? Since when do well-adjusted people want to be writers? I am not speaking in stereotypes here: I know writers. (in which “know” is in italics)

So here is a question for you: If you were to go on a date with me (which might be an oh-so-subtle goal of mine, seeing as I’m writing you on a website that, embarrassingly enough, has “Cupid” in its name), would you be offended if I brought along a little spritz container of water? It seems to work well on cats when they climb up on things they’re not supposed to. Just a little spritz and a firm “No” seems to do the trick. Just in case? Unless that seems objectionable…


My response – “Yes.  It would be objectionable.”


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  1. Please tell us that cupid is also leading to some contacts that might lead to people who actually want to meet and who don’t claim to “know” you already.
    By the way, visually, I am a big fan of the new format. Practically, it makes it impossible to stop by and see what’s up quickly (as when it is 9:45 and I should be preparing for my 10 a.m. class but would rather see what my on-line friends are doing).

  2. Yeah, I know it’s very different, and makes it a bit harder in some ways, but I’m so in love with the look. Thanks for weighing in. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it.

  3. Are you kidding me? Really are you kidding me? After hearing all the other stories and then this one too, I am starting to believe that this datiing site is really a joke site, whereas earnest people sign up to really meet other people but then the site hires people to respond to the earnest people and these hired people are so crazy and out there that the earnest people are scratching their heads wondering if this dating site is serious. Are you sure you aren’t being punked? Haha! WHY WHY WHY would this guy ask this question? I mean, I’ve read your profile and I would determine right off that his question would be a huge turn off. I like the layout. It is different but I like it.

  4. Hahaha! I just realized that you linked to him. HAHAHA! Only thing I can say is if you (him) are as creative as you say, why does your tagline state that you are creative twice? I would think if you were as creative as you claim, you could come up with another word to describe that and not have to repeat the same word.

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