I hate to waste free engraving.


I’m ordering new cat ID tags and it offers three lines of text. After name and phone number, I’m not sure what else to put for that third line.
For Mau I’m thinking maybe “Recognize, bitches,” or “PUT ME DOWN,” or “has rabies :)”
For Dulce maybe “STRANGER-DANGER,” or “not for eating.”

Gimmie more ideas.


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  1. Mau- Gay Pride! BOW DOWN BEFORE THE MAU! You’re only alive because I’ve allowed it.

    Dulce- Sweeter than the Starbucks drink. You can’t afford me. Ask me for advice about Mau.

  2. Hahaha! “Unhand me you ape” is the bomb. (Do kids still say that?) Dulce is so sweet and lovely I would love her long time.

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