The immortal and immoral Rhett is coming to town!


Valancy Jane says:
I’m so excited about that.

Twinnie says:
yes yes he is

Valancy Jane says:
Would it be weird to announce that I fully intend to make out with you?
You may think this is a matter of free will, but everyone wants to kiss me.

Rhett says:
I will make out with everyone.
You guys can flip for firsties

Valancy Jane says:
I call it.

Twinnie says:
i will repeat
i don’t share

Rhett says:
You can’t CALL it. You have to at least flip for it.

Twinnie says:
but i won’t begrudge others having fun
just give me a book
a movie
and a glass of wine
so i can entertain myself in the mean time

Valancy Jane says:
Don’t be silly. We’ll also give you some crayons.

Twinnie says:
well in that case you guys can make babies

Valancy Jane says:
Well, in that case, we’ll need the crayons back.


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  1. Girls have no idea of how guys solve most of their problems. If you are not on good terms: brute force. If you are, you have a variety of ways, one of which is flipping…a coin. Another way of deciding order is dibs, then nexties. Most women do not view this as a valid form of dating, as they assume it turns them into property.

    The opposite of “dibs” is “not it.” This can be used for anything from taking out the trash to playing wingman to being the thimble in Battleship. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. The other half is violence.

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