Cats and Luggage, the Untold Love Story.


I will write a book with that title someday.  It might be about cats, or traveling, or both, or neither.  It might be a cookbook.  Anyhoodle.

Mau would die rather than admit that he misses me when I go away.  He’ll become a much more snuggly cat, but he won’t make the eye contact he normally does.  I understand his manly pride and let it go.

And I wonder if his sudden obsession with my luggage is just a transference, something he can nuzzle and sniff and purr all over and tell all his secret longings for love to, that will never rat him out.


My suitcase is his teddy bear.


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  1. Lola and I share a deep and unending love for Mau. Except that lucky bitch (meant affectionatley) has actually got to meet him. *Sigh* I await the day when Mau can ignore me in person.

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