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  1. Probably you would have to dump them all. However, I do think it would be worth it, possibly if you refused to let go of “to be used only in emergency”, and insisted on dumping its contents on your head or possibly rubbing it vigorously into the fabric of your purse, all while wearing a defiant expression. Because this is precisely the kind of emergency it had become.

  2. More label suggestions: “Granny’s Ashes” “Fertilized Eggs (Fran’s)” “Fertilized Eggs (Lila’s)” and have about four bottles of Eggs with different girl names on all of them. “Powdered Bat Dung” “??? Possibly Ken’s Posion? Take to Lab” “Unlabelable”

  3. as long as none of them say “liquid explosives” then i think you’re in the clear.

    though i have always wanted to travel with my quart-sized bag packed to the seams with as many 3-oz bottles of bourbon as i can squeeze in it.

  4. ‘Rez – i love you so hard. I could totally picture that.

    Twink – Hee!

    Lola – Now that I think about it, me too.

    Amber – I laughed so hard.

    Helena – Why fly any other way, darling?

    EmpGrim – *snort-giggle*

  5. You should actually carry them in those pockets on the sides of backpacks so that everyone can read the contents of your sperm-container. Spermtainer? Maybe you could get a water bottle with “semen” engraved on it, that way that shit’s spermenant.

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