nom chain

Now we’ll just scootch that rug over a few inches and pretend it’s always been there ….


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  1. That first picture….how……..HOW DID YOU DO THIS? I mean, the look on the dogs face looks totally like the face I would make if it were you and I having our picture taken together. How did you get the puppy to make the perfect face? The angle of his head…OH MY GOD! I am dying.

  2. LOL the photo’s were sheer luck. i just snapped them at random times while they were playing hopig for a good shot. i’d say i was successful.

  3. Such a cutie dog…what’s her name? *hugs and lots of hugs to her*

    i miss having a dog to hug, kiss and cuddle…i miss mine who died horribly in the hands of some city dog pound when he accidentally got out of the house :((

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