Apparently “nothing” is not a skin care technique.


*in line at Target*

Valancy Jane – “Is there a specific order I should be using these products in?”

Twinnie – “Oh God yes.”

Valancy Jane – *turns to the cashier*  “I’m not very good at being a girl.  You’d think I’d only been one for two years, from how little I know about this stuff.”

Cashier – *nods*

Valancy Jane – “It’s silly, really.  The surgery was three years ago.”


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  1. Ok what did the cashier do? You can’t just leave us hanging! Also, I think it might be a bad idea to be taking a drink when you were talking. The odds of spitting it all over then laughing would be to great.

  2. yah….he wasn’t the brightest of guys. i don’t think he liked my “look, shiny things” comment afterwards….

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