You know what’s sad?


It’s sad when you’re looking at Somalia’s official government website and think to yourself, “my blog is better designed than this.”

As Kim pointed out, I prolly have a better space program as well.  The president’s email is on the website, I think I’ll email him.

“Dear Sir,

I’m ready to fight, should the war spill over into Southern California.  I have a war budget of like, 20 or 30 dollars, some heavy rocks, and a watch dog.  Keep me posted.

Sincerely, Valancy Jane.”

It’s possible I have too much time on my hands.

Valancy Jane says:
I would send that email, but I’m afraid it would put me on some sort of watch list.
Kim says:
That would be assuming they had a watchlist.
Valancy Jane says:
And I’m flying to SF at the end of the month.
Kim says:
These are people who use Ethiopians as their military allies.
Valancy Jane says:
I don’t need to have to explain this to my little brother why I can’t be at his robotics competition.
Kim says:
That’s like asking the crazy guy in the metro if you can borrow a five.
Valancy Jane says:
But then, considering that he prank calls the Kremlin about once a month, I think he’d understand.
I love that kid so hard.


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