I’ve learned …


… that if I miss him, I have to look to the past, because he’s too ill to be that guy again, the one I miss.  He’s not at the other end of the line, or living in his old house.  Sometimes I think I only imagined the man he was, but then I go back and read and know that he was real.


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  1. I have him on video explaining something with his bike and we are like “oooo….awww…” and he pauses with a funny look and then continues…I should make a movie, like a memorial movie, with all my Nick clips. Like saying goodbye to the Nick we knew.

  2. I remember reading all those posts you wrote from the time you two were together and thinking what a cool guy he was. It’s sad that the illness has taken him away. I’ve been there with my brother and I felt like I was losing my baby brother. Now that he is medicated correctly and taken care of, he is much closer to being the brother I used to know. He’s a bit different than he used to be, which is to be expected, but I’ve learned to love those differences just as much as I love him. I hope Nick can get to that place or better, himself.

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