I tried to say it all in a text message.


How has my year been?

Well, there was the night in jail, this that I still can’t fully explain, and the subsequent fifty pound weight loss, the surprise pregnancy, the surprise UN-pregnancy, moving from the country to the city, learning to make chocolates, getting bangs, and despite all the expense and loss, I end up with money in the savings account I didn’t even have a year ago, a much nicer apartment, and evidence of who my friends really are and that there’s more of them than I realized, and that somehow, I’m twice the woman I was last year.

How on earth do I say all that in 150 characters?


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  1. You explain as follows:

    Went2Jail DiedInside->GotThin GotPreg GotUnPreg 😦 CityGirlNow MadeChoco GotBangs Have$$! Gr8AptNow LuvMyRealFrndsMuch HaveGrownLikeFLOWER

  2. It works better in courier new font. But I feel pretty proud that I jammed it into text message talk, as much as humanly possible.

    Yours prolly looked a little like that, right?

  3. Re-send it!! Maybe the person just needs a few days to absorb it. That’s a lot of life you’ve lived, Lovie. And I second the notion that you are twice the woman. You’re a Goddess!

  4. I think “Miss you. Call me soon so we can catch up?” would have sufficed. Then the ball’s in his court to call or not to call.

    That is the question.

    oops.. sorry.. got sidetracked there for a sec.

  5. You know, it’s been one hell of a year. If you take stock at your birthday each year, it’s kind of like a giant punch in the face, realizing how much you go through in a given year. I think you kind of did that last December at your birthday, come to think of it.

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