“It must be your birthday,” the mailman said.


“Hmmmm?”  I looked up.

He handed me a couple of boxes.  “Happy birthday?”

I didn’t want to tell him the real reason The Internet is being so nice to me, and so I smiled and nodded.  But by the time I’d opened the koala with the Australian flag, the cookies, the three sparkly headbands and the pony, it didn’t feel at all like a lie.


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  1. At times reading your posts have been the best part of my day. A little laugh looking at the world through your eyes is always good. Most of us can’t give you any real support like your friends and family. No real hugs no real shoulder to cry on. A little gift is how I can show appreciation for what you do and who you are. Glad it made your day a little better.

  2. Dude Todd! STOP STEALING MY WORDS HOMIE! I swear Veaj, I totally wrote that but Todd must have been looking at my notes and sent it first!


    I second every last thing Todd said because it’s true, even if it makes me sound like a copycat.

  3. The things that are very confusing yet make perfect sense ALWAYS happen on your blog, Veaj. It’s a weird but awesome magnet!

  4. So I obviously didn’t see this before I asked if you got the package. I’m so glad you got it! And hope you liked everything in it. You are such a treasure and I only wish I could meet you in person. Smooches!

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